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Our handcrafted artisan ravioli is made with wholesome ingredients like real lobster, fresh mushrooms and unadulterated wheat flour. We take pride in the fact that our filling to pasta ratio is higher than other national and artisan brands. In fact, we've turned the standard upside down with 60% fillings and 40% pasta.  Yeah, we know.  It's whacked. 

That's just how we roll.

The Revolution!




Why leave your house for the perfect pasta?  We've got you covered!  Our artisan ravioli is packed in dry ice and conveniently shipped to your door. Each order is shipped with a minimum of 4 boxes at a time. If you want more, we'll send it in a separate shipping container.  Our ravioli is super delicate so we don't want to crowd it. There's a lot of love in those beautiful little babies.  Take good care of them for us!

Rise UP Against Average! The people have spoken and they demand a better ravioli! Chef Eric has answered their call with a rebellion against artificial, an insurrection from the ordinary & a mutiny against fake. This is a ravioli revolution - led by our chief pasta rebel and Food Network's Chopped Champion Chef Eric LeVine.

The people's pasta!


Our ravioli is really good – like, good enough to eat just by itself. But this is a revolution, so fire it up comrades!  Chef Eric has created the perfect recipe for each ravioli and shares the recipes here. 

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